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Real Insurance wanted to drive awareness and sales of their 'Pay As You Drive' car insurance product which saves people money the less kilometres they drive. Mister Mischief was engaged to create a campaign idea that would stop thumbs on Facebook with video content that would resonate with their 6 key audience segments.

As PAYD is a much 'fairer' insurance product, we played with the insight that people often think life is 'unfair' and therefore Real Insurance could start to stand for making life fairer. Our story story platform became "In Our Fair World" featuring a fictional miniature world, that mirrors the real world, except all of the unfair things in life are turned into positives. To better connect with our audience segments, we could then identify specific things relevant to them that they might find unfair in life and 'fix' them with short videos that empathised with them.

Client / 

Real Insurance


Role / 

Creative Lead Agency


Agency / 

Mister Mischief


Year / 


Awareness Phase: Segmented Audience Video Link Ads
Consideration Phase: Product Features Carousel
Direct Response Phase: Savings Carousel
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